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Modular Scalable Upgradable

Investment Highlights

We are part of a new era in energy

We are contributing to the net-zero emission goal with our Clean Technology Solutions that IPS strategically positioned to capitalize on

The Global E-Mobility market is set to exceed 100 million vehicles by 2035(IEA) and IndieChargers will provide support as the market grows at a record pace

Enables energy optimization, alternative energy, and energy savings allowing for the incorporation of renewable energy into existing energy solutions

Our solution designed for commercialization is made from our own Intellectual Property which consists of 5 patents and various trade secrets

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The Solution

Multi-Vehicle Charger and Energy Storage Integration

Indie Power Systems is developing a Multi-Vehicle Charger designed for EV fleets and streamlined energy storage integration. To meet the rapidly growing demand for Clean Tech Solutions, the market will require seamless, repeatable and reliable solutions that can be quickly customized and scaled to meet customer and community requirements.


Indie Multiflex

Multi-Vehicle Charger designed for EV fleets and streamlined energy storage integration

Connected and compatible remote communication solutions which are interfaced with payment services and linked to data loT networks

Depth of supply chain to ensure flexible solutions that can be customized and delivered with efficient timescales

Modular design concepts to incorporate battery energy storage, renewable generating assets, and bi-directional interface (vehicle to grid)

Providing a solution to help manage the "new" more complex grid with clean, reliable and cost-effective solutions

Offers a single integrated solution by simplifying both installation and service

Single point of contact for seamless support

Provides a scalable & repeatable solution for EPC and Developers

Our solution is patented and modular

Invest In Indie Power

Our Products

The Indiecharger™

Indie Power Systems has completed preliminary research and design in GaN technology and is developing a new charging station platform that is Microgrid compatible while being more efficient than others in the market.

IPS will integrate the EV Charger with its energy optimizing software and hardware which permits alternative energy and energy storage options. The widespread demand for EV chargers allows us to scale to commercial markets and individual markets. The new Indie Supercharger can be utilized across a variety of locations such as shopping centers, pay-to-park lots, gas stations, luxury hotels and sporting arenas. However, the list is endless when it comes to implementing the Indie Supercharger in locations best for the customer.

Fast Charging

IndieCharger rapidly charges EVs 2-5x faster than the standard level 2 chargers available on the market

Clean Energy

Streamlines and integrates clean energy sources at zero additional cost.


Bi-directional drastically improves the versatility of the system and future applications

GaN Energy

GaN (Gallium Nitride) is nearly 3x more reliable in switching at 100 kHz and lower overall costs

Product Roadmap

We're Moving Towards the Commercialization of Our Solution

We are a Vertically integrated EV charging company leveraging energy storage, micro grid  solutions and vehicle charging.

Indie Power Systems has technology that optimizes energy. Incorporating renewable energy sources with supply and demand managed dynamically through technology.

A new paradigm developing both energy management and storage technologies

Indie Power Systems enables distributed energy and micro grids.

The future grid will become increasingly decentralized, with both consumer and commercial customers storing and producing energy.

Invest In Indie Power

The Market Opportunity

Indie is strategically positioned to capitalize on the rapid growth in clean infrastructure technology

The e-mobility market is growing at a record pace. European countries and China continue to lead the way in EV market share with Norway having 78% of registered cars as EV and a mandate that all cars sold by 2025 should be zero emissions; and China having 21% with a mandate requiring manufacturers to make or import at least 10% electric vehicles.

The US and Canada lag behind with a mandate to build a national network of 500,000 charging stations by 2030 in the US and a target for all new light-duty cars and passenger trucks to be zero-emission by 2035 in Canada.


We are raising up to $5 Million

The funds raised will go towards


Deliver IndieCharger to Market Q4 - 2022

Detailed Design to Manufacture

Contract manufacturing and deployment

Onboard key technical & commercial resources to efficiently scale the business

Working capital to drive product rollout-scaling, inventory, sales & marketing

Maintain a secondary focus on functional design and system architecture upgrade for integrated microgrid energy management solution.

Execute Go-To-Market Plan

Continue to develop front end marketing, sales channel strategy development, sales pipeline and brand recognition / awareness;

Prime market opportunities for the IndieCharger include Convenience Stores, Pay-to –Park locations , hotels , shopping centers and sports arenas

Penetrate market via direct sales, e-commerce, local & national distributors

Expand partnerships with suppliers, value added resellers, systems integrators, engineering firms and product installers

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Cutting edge solutions for the EV Market with the Indie Charger™

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We are part of a new era in energy

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Creating reliable clean energy solutions for EV market with The Indiecharger™
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